We are What We Buy

The last six years I have been working on a book together with Jacob Östberg, professor in advertisement and PR at Stockholm Business school, Stockholm University. Unfortunately it is in Swedish. The title is ”We are What We Buy. Consumer Culture is Here to Stay”. Dr Bob Deutsch, who is a cognitive anthropologist, founder and president of the consulting firm, Brain-Sells, writes about the book:

Drs. Graffman and Ostberg, in their book, We Are What We Buy, have finally brought to the printed page a totally overlooked aspect of consumer culture: Far from being degrading, what we buy represents nothing short of how the mind makes attachments to products, persons and ideas. This process is not what business usually thinks it is. It is not linear, logical and objective. It is not about ‘big data’. It is, in fact, not even about consumers as consumers. It is about people, human nature and the nature of mind. Business executive beware, you are in for a few surprises when you read this book. And as far as the general public, these pages finally show respect for everyday life.

Vi är vad vi köper