The perfect home or the perfect me?

If I buy that new remodeled kitchen aid, I´m sure I´ll bake more bread. And if I move to that area close to the art museum I´m sure I´ll go there much more often. And if I get that pituresque little house I´ll finally be truly happy! Recognize these thoughts? Striving for something better is a human quality, which constantly helps to improve and reinvent oneself. But what if you suddenly only start to reinvent your surroundings instead of yourself? In the play ”Ljust och fräscht” (Lindström & Schyffert) those topics are discussed and they couldn’t be more accurate. In an ongoing study Inculture is analyzing this strive and longing for a perfect home, including the perfect you. See for example IKEA’s kitchen report.

IKEA köksrapport