the multicultural riddle

Neither I can ignore the recent event in Rosengård. In short, currently there is a huge debate in Sweden about the values with in our police force. The incident that fueled the discussion was some recorded racists police statements, aimed at young people in a Swedish suburb populated by, well let’s call them “people with foreign background” – pretty much like my self. All of the sudden (and I guess finally?) Sweden is officially aware of, and might I say in a state of shock, that everyday racism is pretty common, especially amongst people with the right to practice power. 

What interests me the most in this, is the simultaneous debate that goes on by many of us that belong to the categories that are being degraded. That is, “Why are people so surprised?” Cause the matter of the fact is we knew,(I am sure that there is some exceptions but) we have always known. And we have been trying to tell, but it never seems to be relevant enough. It’s on the agenda but is never prioritized. I understand that this multicultural riddle is difficult to tackle in Sweden but it’s not that tricky. The sooner you let us in the system, make sure that we are represented in all levels of workforces and so on, the sooner the alienation and segregation that creates hostility from both sides (no one is completely innocent here) the first steps of solving the riddle has been taken. Don’t just talk about it – do it!