the multicultural computer world

Since I came back to Sweden from spending almost five years in the US, I quickly realized that I had to make a significant change in my life. It concerned a major alteration of my core habits and values. I had to put my identity to test. You see, I was a Mac-user – but in Sweden PC was the standard. Every time I sent a document to anyone I was confronted with the fact that I had a Mac. So I switched and joined the society of PC users stating that Mac users obviously are way too attached to that brand/product. Talk about lack of flexibility. They are almost ultra conservative. Now I was allowed to question everybody with a Mac.

Lately though, the up north people are switching to a Mac. First my boss – then Carl Bildt (our Minister for Foreign Affairs). Bildts defend to this huge step goes: ”Den nya världen är alldeles definitivt bättre än den gamla.”, and translates ”The new world is definitely better than the old one.” I have a comment to him and all of you other novel Mac-users. In the new world the Mac and the PC actually understand each other, so please let’s have some respect for all societies and the choices that are made within them. The old world is still up to date and might even have one or two things to offer so let’s just stop ranking groups material habits in to “old and new”, “first, second, third”, “ better, worse”, and so on. But – enjoy your new Mac, I used to love them in the old days.

Who said the Mac and PC doesn’t understand each other. The multicultural computer world.