stuff white people like?

In some way the blogosphere is a great field for ethnographic studies and everything is worth some examination regardless of the topic. It doesn’t always have to be so serious or intellectual, the average person just ain’t that deep.

The extremely popular blog (now book and soon to be a tv-series) Stuff White People Like (an article in DN say it has 58 million readers so far) is hardly funny. But it touch upon something that people in general enjoy, the always taboo subjects of ethnicity linked with self-deprecating humour. You can of course do this in a serious way as well, like Moore did with Stupid White Men, but now to the fun part…

You can examine these texts and figure out a lot about our society and no matter how interesting it is… It is, to me, always overshadowed with the fact that only white men are privilege enough to make books (blogs) like this. I know I won’t live to see they day when a Japanese woman write the book “Stupid East Asian women” or a black man write the book “Stuff black people like” – and get away with it. (They might do it but they won’t get away with it.) And that’s also a part of the society we live in.