Stockholm Design and Architecture Talks

I have the honor to be in a panel at Stockholm Design and Architecture Talks, broadcasted February 8-10. The session is called Sustainable Vocabulary and the other panelists are Yrsa Lindberg and Ivana Kildsgaard. Moderater is Hanna Nova Beatrice.

”The factors contributing to climate change are complex, and so is the vocabulary coming with it. With no real regulations, companies use a “sustainable vocabulary” to sell their goods. But what is really being said? How do communication and PR-companies assure they give the right message, and how can we keep up to date to avoid greenwashing? We discuss sustainability communication that you can trust and the do’s and don’ts surrounding it.”

After the broadcast 8-10th of February, all lectures will be available on demand until 11th of March. Link to the session here!

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Sthlm Design Talk