Samtal med IKEA och Tom Dixon

Blev glad då jag fick frågan om jag ville leda ett samtal mellan IKEAs kreativa ledare James Futcher och designern Tom Dixon som designat soffor och sängar under namnet Delaktig till IKEA. Samtalet skulle äga rum vid lanseringen av produktseriens sängar. Jag inledde samtalet med en kortare föreläsning som avslutades med följande rader:

Only by understanding Consumer culture, its trends and anti-trends, and the social role of consumption in the lives of people will it be possible for companies and organizations to define their reason for being and survive the future. “We are what we buy” has an important meaning for companies; consumers are looking for companies who take real responsibility. Buying responsible products define who I am as a person and it simplifies my life in a world with endless choices.

So, design needs to have a new mission – to focus on restoration, co-creation, transition, and remedying the environment. Growth should be sustained by a revolution in creative problem-solving not creating an endless range of new ‘things’. We need Lifestyles that are meaningful and valued!