Old and new media

There are some fundamental differences between “old” and “new” media. Old media is objective and still synonymous with power from an “elite” which is not obvious to trust and also perceived as tedious. New media is free (Internet) and private (cellphone). You are the producer and you decide whether you want to be disturbed or not. Old media deals with coincidences, every now and then. New media is constantely ongoing regarding communication, information, practical chores and entertainment. It is embraced as more free and not enforced. There is no imposed advertisement, as it is in television or on the radio, and there are no frames or boundaries as in magazines or newspapers. The Internet is free, one can search what ever one wants – unlimited, one can opt out and experiment. The cellphone is even more pronounced as “personal” and a free form of communication; I decide on how to use it and when. Advertisement exists even on the Internet and in cellphones, but it is much more peripheral.

K-J S 2009