Mitt TEDx Talk

Nu är mitt TEDxStockholm talk  med titeln ”The stubborn focus on the rational mind lead to climate collapse” publicerat på och Youtube. Enjoy!

Information and facts will save the climate from our destructive behaviour… Well certainly not, according to anthropologist Dr. Katarina Graffman. We are not rational beings living in a social and cultural vacuum. We are pack members defined by Consumer Culture. In this talk, Katarina Graffman helps us explore the cultural iceberg below the waterline of rationality. Katarina’s idea is that our stubborn focus on information as the optimal way to change people’s behaviour will lead to climate collapse. We need to stop looking at what’s going on between people’s ears. To really change, we need to focus on what’s going on between people. Dr. Katarina Graffman’s words captures why we need more cultural anthropology in our lives. Katarina is a leading voice and expert on consumption culture, dedicating the last 20 years trying to help society and companies better understand and operate within it.

TEDxStockholm Talk