Digital responsibility

We are all aware of the millions of possibilities that the internet has opened for us. And with possibilities, ideas are created. Ideas that are meant to ease and improve our lives. In many ways it does. But cynical as I am, I can´t just see the benefits only. The discussion at Medieakademin last Wednesday was rather celebrating  the “new” digital revolution and especially the “new” solidarity which is oh so praised. Well, in my eyes solidarity is not really a phenomenon. Friendship, fellowship, mutuality and affinity has always existed and I am pretty sure that it will continue to exist. What will change are the cultural frames that surrounds it. So, to define solidarity in todays digitalized world, I would rather explain it as responsibility – towards yourself, your friends, your family, the members in your social network, your co workers. Because solidarity is implicit in responsibility. Which leads me to what I think is “new”: digital responsibility. To care and to act if any of the many possibilities and ideas are abused, because ideas turn into acting which can easliy be misused and cause harm. Let me rephrase a common saying: with great opportunities comes great responsibility!

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