krakschi jidolucka medigi anthropology? the need of translation for normal people*

When holding a MA-seminar in commercial anthropology one of the students had beforehand submitted a paper titled: Krakschi jidolucka medigi Anthropology? The need of translation for normal people. Outside the academic world (some times inside as well) this field is sort of a mystery – you’ve heard about it in relation to non-profit organizations, exotic fieldwork, and so on. But there’re still questions, so let me “translate”.

Cultural/Social Anthropology is the study of us as cultural and social human beings. We strive for a “holistic” understanding and broad perspective in order to discover the world through ours and other’s eyes. We do not judge, we understand. This is the fuel for Commercial Anthropology. Through participant observation, interviews and cultural analysis we understand consumer behavior. With that in-depth information we also must have morals and principals. Our training incorporate ethics, self-reflection as well as skills. All in all – we are genuinely interested in people and the power of social and cultural communities.

*The title is stolen from a student paper. MA-course, Commercial Anthropology, Högskolan Dalarna.