getting tired of blogging and texting

It is the technical skill in using that generally differentiates the youth’s lives from the adults. Especially in “online life,” where daily use of communication activities are clearly differentiated between the younger and the older. Instant texting, chatting, blogging, communities, are something young people associate with youth. When one is adult one will hopefully have more important things to do. The fact is, they find it quite corny with adults who are doing this:
Now I’m online all day, but later I’ll be working or studying at the university. Then I won’t have time – or the inclination. I mean … I can maybe understand that people around your age (around 30) maybe blog and stuff. It’s new for you, but we … or I have grown up with this. I don’t think we’ll be as interested in it in the future. We’ll get tired of it. (Yana, 16)