Fashion make people react

Apparently fashion and the way people dress and choose their clothes is still a much disputed topic. Young adults are often the aim for this discussion. And more often it is older people who are the ones who points fingers.

My mother, for example, is quite open minded concering, well, a lot of things. But when she sees a young adult wearing jeans in the style which is common today, bagy style, she makes a slightly rejecting head shake. And I, of course, wonder why she doesn´t approve it. She wore a green dress with white dots as her wedding dress!!! THAT, if anything, must have been very rejecting from a lot of people. Back in the 50s and 60s, Elvis style was criticised by many but also loved and praised by the young adults – just like young adult love and dress like their idols today. My point is that thoughts on fashion seem to change, but do they change by every generation or does every generation change thoughts about fashion?