Cutting-edges of ethnography

This weekend we will attend an interesting workshop in Lund initiated by Professor Orvar Löfgren called Irregular Ethnographies. The theme for the workshop is to discuss experiments with new approaches and persepctives on ethnography. What do we learn from taking ethnography into new fields? Inculture will participate with a paper called ”We are looking forward to some cool quotes!” – Perspectives on applied ethnography. Anthropology and ethnography are entering a new era. Ten years back you were lucky if someone outside academia had heard of anthropology at all and if this was the case, understood it as more than spending time with some remote culture as famously described in Claude Levi-Strauss’ Tristes Tropiques. In the paper we discuss which ought to be the cutting-edges of ethnography today? Have we addresses and developed these areas sufficiently? Where can the introduction and application of anthropological theory and ethnographic method really make a difference?

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