A sustainable closet

Was interviewed for the blog a sustainable closet. Link here!

One question was:

What do you believe needs to change?

We have to change perspective, from this stubborn focus on the individual, the consumers, to focus on the companies and politicians! It’s the neoliberal ideology that dominates the world today and that system celebrates the individual’s free choices. And with this ideology companies say that they are only listening to consumers and what consumers want. The responsibility needs to be put on the producers and the politicians. If we only have good choices to choose among, we will make good choices. Let’s talk about the system instead of individuals!

But we also need to change the current Consumer culture logic. We can’t continue to buy and buy and throw away when we get tired of the stuff we buy because it’s not “trendy” at the moment. But we should not be naïve and think that it is easy to change culture, that over night we can have a new kind of cultural logic. No, it takes time (time we may not have…), but a great way to start the change is to understand the logic in Consumer culture and what impact it has, both conscious and unconscious, on how we behave.


Sustainable closet