BoBo buys fairtrade coffee and travels to Bali

I make my own muesli – I enjoy picking out the most delicious looking almonds, the most healthy seeds, the most colourful fruits and mix it with organic and fairtrade oatmeal. In that way I start my morning just the way I like it  And, yes, it is very boboitian!

A BoBo is an urban young person, between 27-40, who enjoys the benefits of todays individualised society. What is prominent is the paradoxal view of the BoBos. They can gladley pay more for a fairtrade coffe but they wouldn`t refuse their winter vacation to Bali or South Africa. They will naturally buy an energy-saving dishwasher in their market-up kitchen with the latest accessories and their job is not just a job; it is life forfilling and improving, almost like a hobby. Even if their modern and busy live is very important, they still want to be enlightened and have a traditional family around them. It is these choises, the ones they make when combining the postmodern benefits with old fashioned values, that defines them as a BoBo.