Understand cultural meanings

What will be the next big behaviour, trend and brand preference?

Without deep understanding of contemporary culture, companies and organizations are living in doubt, unable to translate these issues. By understanding culture and cultural change one can also understand humans on a more fundamental level.

In these contemporary ever-changing times where humans convert and interpret brands to create affiliation and identity, is the understanding of human ideas, driving forces and feelings the key in branding and product development. The companies who hope to create relevant and sought-after products have to anticipate and act proactively in tune with the habits that are the basis of people´s lives.

A culture-oriented approach makes it possible to process large amounts of data and sort the potentiality from a murmur of information. That is to interpret and decipher the future. The anthropologist’s area of focus is to understand the cultural meanings and values to differentiate various products, services and brands, and the cultural practices that surround them.